The SMARTA Project » Time to Rethink Rural Mobility – Workshop

Time to Rethink Rural Mobility

This is the first of a series of events organized by the SMARTA consortium and will focus on showcasing innovative, tested solutions from European rural areas, as well as on the analysis of the elements that drive successful rural mobility initiatives, ranging from social aspects, policy, financing to ICT solutions.


The scope of this event is to bring together mobility stakeholders to hear, discuss and provide their perspectives and recommendations on the current situation of rural mobility in Europe. This will be done by verifying, validating and consolidating the findings and analysis performed in the SMARTA project so far.

The workshop will host a series of plenary sessions where the major aspects on rural mobility will be presented and discussed and in several break-out sessions where the participants could go in-depth with the discussions on the Workshop themes.


30 January 2019

Introduction in Sustainable shared mobility interconnected with public transport in European rural areas. Rural mobility in Europe – today’s reality

31 January 2019

Policies and emerging practice. Towards a more accessible and inclusive rural mobility: emerging initiatives across Europe.

Rural shared mobility: key solutions for rural mobility challenges