The SMARTA Project » Time to Act for Rural Mobility – Third Webinar

Locals, incomers, home comers and visitors: changing mobility lifestyles within rural areas in Europe.

Webinar series

The third webinar of the series focused on the social dimension of providing mobility in rural areas.

The event featured five presentations that provided examples of what can be done – examples for all of you to take away and tailor to the requirements of your local rural area. How can collaborative-shared mobility schemes enhance cohesion and improve the sense of rural identity and generate closer social ties within rural areas? How can these new mobility innovations adapt to the strong seasonal changes in demand with tourism that affect most rural areas – perhaps this is an opportunity, not a difficulty?

Experiences from Scotland, Romania, Belgium, France, and Austria have been presented.

The event brought together many different mobility stakeholders. The webinar represented an excellent opportunity to find out more about how to address the social needs in rural areas through innovative mobility services.


Webinar Video