The SMARTA Project » SAMPLUS (1998-1999)

SAMPLUS (1998-1999)

A successor project, SAMPLUS (1998-9) deepened the evaluation work with particular emphasis on user attitudes, business development and economic viability.

Deliverable D3: Requirements of Users of DRT Systems

Building on the experience of the SAMPO project, the SAMPLUS project carried out further in-depth work on users needs, with a different set of sites to those used in SAMPO. These consisted of 4 Demonstration Sites in which DRT was implemented and a further 4 Feasibility Study sites in which DRT was under consideration. The SAMPLUS work was also able to examine some more specific aspects such as automated booking and reservation procedures.

Deliverable D8: Guidelines for Implementa-tion of a SAMPLUS system: Standards to Adopt and Results to Expect

This document consolidated the knowledge and experience gained in both SAMPO and SAMPLUS projects, with particular focus on the needs, opportunities and challenges for DRT services. Recognising that ITS opened a completely new way of organising and offering DRT to a wider range of users, and that it allowed a complete restructuring of the business and cost models, the document considered future impacts, future actions needed, and the issues that would be faced. Many of these items were then addressed in subsequent projects including FAMS, SUNRISE, FLIPPER and CONNECT

SAMPLUS Final Report

This document provides an overview of the main activities, finding and recommendations of SAMPLUS project