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FAMS (2002-2004)

The FAMS project, under the 5th Framework IST program, dealt with concepts and demonstration sites for Flexible Agency for Mobility Services.This implemented and evaluated Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) in two sites in Italy and Scotland. A comprehensive evaluation was planned and implemented.

FAMS Deliverable D7: Comparative Evaluation and Business Case Assessment

This document describes the evaluation approach followed in FAMS and the main results. The evaluation framework was developed at four levels, being the Strategic Objectives, the Evaluation Areas, the FAMS level Objectives, and the Micro-Objectives which was the level at which things are actually measures. The findings are presented within the structure of the FAMS Level Objectives (layer 3), giving both quantitative and qualitiative findings, all of which are cross-referenced to the evidence contained in the Annexes. The document also includes ideas for developing a rational and sustainable business case for DRT.

FAMS Deliverable D7: Comparative Evaluation and Business Case Assessment – Annexes

This 300-page document presents the detailed measurements and evidence from the FAMS evaluation. It should be of particular interest how much information was yielded by two modest-scale pilots in a project with limited resource for evaluation. This was achieved by planning the information requirements before implementing the pilots, and by leveraging the substantial knowledge of the implementers and other stakeholders.

FAMS D3: Trial Site Context and Design

This document described the earlier stages of the evaluation design. In particular, it details the stakeholders and their objectives, and then the reference context at the two demonstration sites. It then analyses User Needs, develops the Problem Definition, and then adresses Functional Requirements. This structured approach ensured that both the Evaluation Framework and Pilot Design met the project-level and site-level needs, such that people and intermediate uers got services/functionality they need and at the same time a high-quality evaluation could be achieved without being a burden to the local implementers.

FAMS Deliverable D6: FAMS Trials Report – Testing and Evaluation

This document provides a detailed description of the FAMS pilots implemented in Florence, Italy and Angus, Scotland. This is positioned within the FAMS Evaluation Objectives, and also considers the Take-up aspects (since wider deployment was a key objective). It includes findings that are reported in the main Evaluation deliverables, but in a more accessible narrative. Overall , it provides a useful model for pilot/demonstration sites to communicate their work and findings.

FAMS Final Report

This document summarises all of the activity of FAMS, including the evaluation and main findings. It is written in a consise and accessible style. Again, it provides a useful model of communicating project method and results.