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SMARTA workshop in Bürgerbus Dreisam Stromer


Is it possible to think about a new mobility vision for your rural area?

Bürgerbus Dreisam Stromer is organizing a workshop on rural mobility, titled: “Possible mobility scenarios: a vision for Dreisam Stromer”, in collaboration with SMARTA, to be held on Tuesday, the 20th of October in Dreisam Stromer, Germany.

The one-day workshop will bring local communities together with planners and political decision-makers. The workshop will start with a keynote speech from Dr. Martin Schiefelbush, which will talk about the supporting programs in Baden Württemberg for community-based transport services. After an intervention from the SMARTA project,  Stefan Saumer, the coordinator of Bürgerbus Dreisam Stromer, will present some possible scenarios at the mobility level for the rural area of Kirchzarten. In the following, the workshop will feature the presentations of “Ring a Link” DRT Transport service from Kilkenny, Ireland, and Claudio Disperati, MemEx, which will highlight the digital opportunities for the service.

The workshop will close with a panel discussion where key aspects of the future mobility scenarios in Dreisam Stromer will be discussed.

The conference will be held in English and German. The interventions will be translated synchronously into the other language.

Participation is free. The workshop can be joined online via Zoom at: The contact person is Stefan Saumer,

For details about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact the SMARTA Consortium at MemEx or EIP.