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SMARTA at the 2019 European Rural Parliament


SMARTA will host the “The role of Policy in Improving Mobility Services in European rural areas” Workshop, on Friday, the 8th of November at the ERP2019 event, in the village of Candás, Spain.

The workshop will deal with possible new directions for rural mobility, through a set of structured group discussions. The main themes addressed will be:

  • the current limitations in rural mobility and how they impact on individuals, communities, local businesses and the work of support agencies;
  • existing good practice and emerging solutions that could form the toolbox and guidance for improved rural mobility;
  • whether/how new or adapted policy could enable better rural mobility, and what is appropriate to different levels of policy-makers (EU, national, regional, local);
  • what can practically be achieved within the existing framework. The target output of the workshop is a concise set of statements for consideration by ERP.

For details about the event, please visit the European Rural Parliament 2019 website – here.