The SMARTA Project » Session 1 – Policy and Governance of Rural Mobility

Session 1 - Policy and Governance of Rural Mobility

This session discussed the main issues of policy and frameworks
for rural mobility. It presented the main policy recommendations and
guidelines produced by the SMARTA project for the improvement of the
mobility and transport conditions in European rural areas.

The session was moderated by Laurie Pickup (Vectos) and featured presentations from keynote speakers:

  • Giorgio Ambrosino (MemEx)
  • Ciaran Cuffe (MEP, TRAN Committee Coordinator)
  • Isabelle Vandoorne (DG MOVE)
  • Stefan Ostergard Jensen (DG AGRI)
  • Marion Eckardt (President of ELARD)
  • Andrea Lorenzini (MemEx)

The session also featured a very lively discussion between pannelists – Ciaran Cuffe (MEP, TRAN Committee Coordinator), Stefan Ostergard Jensen (DG AGRI), Marion Eckardt (President of ELARD), Odette Buntinx (Flemish Ministry of Transport), John Nelson (University of Sidney) Andrea Lorenzini (MemEx, SMARTA Project)