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RSN Rural Conference 2018


The Rural Services Network is the national champion for rural services in England. The network works hard to ensure that rural people and their communities have a strong rural voice. We campaign for a fair deal for rural communities to ensure that they maintain and enhance their social and economic well-being. The Network has the support of over 140 Local Authorities, over 100 Rural Health members, over 10,000 grass root organisations and at least 25,000 people gain access to the network’s weekly emailed Newsletter and bulletins.

The RSN organises the National Rural Conference. Find more details here.

The conference this year is aimed primarily at those who can influence rural policy makers, those who can influence change for rural communities, and those who are rural activists with an interest to bring about change in their rural communities.

The conference itself is themed around the need to ‘Delivering Services Differently in Rural Areas’, this includes providing for improved transport and mobility services and meeting the challenges of rural accessibility. Crucially it will also address the challenges of Local Government Finance.

Vectos has been working with the local authority members of RSN to identify potential sites for the SMARTA pilots. At the conference he will deliver a presentation on the SMARTA project, share good practices of smart rural transport already collated by the project and invite participants to join the SMARTA Network.