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Standard Public Transport and Ride Sharing


Trikala is situated in central Greece, north-western of Thessaly, and together with Karditsa, they form a NUTS 3 Region. The homonymous municipality is divided in 8 municipal sections and counts 81.355 inhabitants (2011 Census). Out of the total population, 67.000 people live in the main city of Trikala, with the rest of the population spread in the surrounding rural areas. In Trikala, mobility largely depends on individual car use, with circa 50.000 car owners registered in the municipality. This has a negative impact on the environment, causes severe traffic in the city centre, but also, and importantly, has a social impact: people who live in the rural areas and do not own a car are finding it increasingly difficult to commute to the city centre where the essential services are gathered, given the limited public transport offer.


Trikala aims to provide cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, especially to the population of Megala Kalyvia, which is currently underserved by the public transport, allowing every citizen to participate equally in all aspects of the economic and social life.

Description of actions

Trikala has a long-standing tradition in mobility projects and advancements and is Greece’s first smart city. Leveraging this tradition, the municipality plans to develop an online application that will allow citizens to access real-time public transport information along with available carpooling options to facilitate the connection between rural parishes and the city. The application will include an on-demand service to send requests for buses or taxis and a booking system for services, such as storage lockers, wheelchair scooters or bicycles, offered at the city’s main square.